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5 Ways to Get Over Yourself

5 Ways to Get Over Yourself

It is so easy to be consumed with ourselves – what we want, how we feel, what makes us happy, what is important to us, how will doing this or doing that affect me or not affect me. Me. I. Myself. After all, this is the message that our culture advertises. Life is supposed to be about us and if someone or something does not make us happy, then we should replace it with someone else or something else. In reality, when we focus on ourselves only, we really are miserable people. Read the rest of this entry

3 Ways to Deal with Problems

3 Ways to Deal with Problems

Nobody likes problems. Certainly, not that many people like to deal with problems. But in this life, problems are inevitable and there is right way and a wrong way to handle them. If you handle your problems the right way, you can come to a solution faster and be content and happy with your decision. So, here are three ways to deal with problems: Read the rest of this entry

3 Ways to Avoid Mental Sabotage

3 Ways to Avoid Mental Sabotage

We often hear the term ‘self sabotage’. Self sabotage is saying we want something positive or good to happen in our lives and then we go in the opposite direction of making that good thing happen. Self sabotage is a deep problem, but I think mental sabotage is an even deeper problem.

Everything we want, say, or do begins with a thought or idea in our conscious, and sometimes, subconscious, mind. What we create in our minds will either make us a success or make us a failure. Read the rest of this entry

For Granted or with Gratitude

For Granted or with Gratitude

Life is very short. Of course, I don’t have to tell you that. People check out of here every single day. There are few things in life that are certain. One is that you will have a chance to live. The other is that, sooner or later, you will die. The stark reality of life hits us straight in the face when tragedy strikes or crises come into our lives. In some situations, we are able to recover. Resilience, after all, is the heartbeat of humanity. In other situations, however, we may not be so fortunate. Such life-altering moments set our minds and lives on a completely difference course. Read the rest of this entry