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3 Ways to Handle Fear

3 Ways to Handle Fear

Fear is a normal, innate response to physical and/or emotional danger. If we did not have a sense of fear, we could not protect ourselves from dangerous, threatening things, situations, and people. But, too often, we fear things and situations that are far from dangerous or threatening. We hide from reality, allowing things to overwhelm us and push us into a corner.

Fear was never meant to control us, trap us, suffocate us, or kill us. Fear, outside of normality, is ultimately meant to be overcome. We can deny fear, we can describe fear, or we can deal with fear. Here’s why:

Deny It. Acting as though fear does not exist does not help us overcome the situation or thing we fear. Denial is the ultimate defeat. When we deny what we fear, we lie to ourselves, and mentally put something quite real out of our minds. Denial does not help us overcome what we fear. It slowly opens up a hole and swallows us up. Even though we say it does not exist, it does. When we choose to close our eyes to something that is real, we do not make it go away. Denial stunts growth, hinders progress, and is the enemy of accomplishment.

Describe It. The opposite of denial is admitting. When we get past denial or bypass denial altogether, we are able to state what our fear is. Talking out our fear is the first step to overcoming it. For example, when we admit that we are not simply afraid of heights, but we are more afraid of falling, then we have taken the first step to overcoming our fear of heights. Fear is a liar. When we stop believing it, we can start overcoming it. State your fear. Admit the thing you are afraid of. Then tell yourself that it will not control you. Refuse to let your real vision be blurred by fear.

Deal With It. To overcome fear permanently, we must face it, head-on. Don’t cover it up, make excuses, or try to keep it around. Fear will leave when you begin to pick through the reasons why you are fearful and then choose not to fear. Nothing or nobody can hurt you, hinder you, hold you down, or hold you up unless you let them. Fear exists in the mind. Fear is a mind-killer. But it doesn’t have to kill yours. Stare fear down and you will be stronger for it. Never allow fear to grow bigger than your faith. Big fear destroys dreams and hinders plans. When we face fear, we rise. Overcoming fear starts with a choice — a choice to state your fear and a choice to face your fear. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward, become stronger, greater, and wiser in our life’s purpose.

God Bless You!


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