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The Brick Wall of Failure

The Brick Wall of Failure

How many people do you know who like to fail? I don’t know any at all. Everybody wants to be successful and do something that matters and that makes a difference in the world. While we’re on that journey to doing that big thing, we will, no doubt, encounter failure. At one point or another, no matter how much we try to avoid it, we will fail. Failure is certain in life, but it does not have to define your life.

Failure can be likened to a brick wall. There are not many ways to get through a brick wall, if any at all. But you can always climb over a brick wall or go around a brick wall. Failure is like that. There are not many ways to get through failure. Failure can be very hard, uncomfortable, heartbreaking, and rejecting. For some people, failure seems like the end; for others, it IS the end. But for those who are serious about life and about living it fully, failure is just the beginning to greater things.

The brick wall in front of you can intimidate you, put fear in your heart, cause you to stumble, backtrack, turn around, and reconsider. But that’s what failure is for. Failure is supposed to test you, try you, fight you, see what you’re really made of. We all can look tough and strong on the outside. But what really matters is what we have on the inside. A will to succeed is on the inside of us. Our purpose is on the inside of us waiting to come out.

Don’t let failure be final for you. When you face your brick wall, see it as a challenge. See it as an obstacle, not to withdraw from, but to overcome. You get through failure one step at a time. Life wouldn’t be worth living without a little failure. If everything were easy, what would we really accomplish? So, face the brick wall of failure head on. Place your feet firmly on the ground and start climbing. No matter how high, you will eventually get to what is beyond that brick wall. You know what’s behind that wall? Well, it’s whatever you dream, whatever you are made to do.

God Bless You!


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